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The Counterparty Foundation is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to fostering the growth and open development of the Counterparty platform. Our mission is to strengthen the future of the Counterparty ecosystem by promoting innovation, decentralization, standardization, openness and community participation.

powering decentralized finance

Counterparty’s vision is to power the decentralization of finance and support the creation of superior, frictionless, decentralized financial tools.

The Counterparty Foundation is also here to help organizations and individuals navigate the rapidly changing landscape of the Counterparty technology. From mentoring and guidance to promotion and advocacy, we’re here to guide our community’s interests as we revolutionize the world’s financial system.

Our Bylaws are being hosted on GitHub and are available to the public.

We accept donations in BITCOIN. If you would like to support our cause please send any amount to the official Bitcoin address of the Foundation. (Note that any contributions are currently not tax-deductible, until we are 501c(3)).

Our Mission


The Foundation serves as a forum for community members, industry affiliates and end users, and provides consulting for outside businesses and organizations, supporting the rapid integration of Counterparty technologies into new services, platforms and products.


The Foundation educates the cryptocurrency community about Counterparty technology and its potential to change the way people trade and transact on the Internet by publishing documentation, hosting conferences, conducting interviews and more.


Employing core developers and promoting collaboration, the Foundation develops and maintains the Counterparty reference client and related software and leads efforts to standardize protocols and technical specifications relating to Counterparty technology.


Building global alliances, the Counterparty Foundation promotes the use of the free and open Counterparty technology, advocating for its adoption wherever it might displace inferior solutions, ensuring the growth and maturation of the Counterparty network and its ecosystem.

Our Vision

Our vision is to support the Bitcoin community by offering extended and enhanced tools for finance, risk-reduction, and counterparty agent software.

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Board Of Directors

Robby Dermody
Robby Dermody Founding Director
Adam Krellenstein
Adam Krellenstein Founding Director
Devon Weller
Devon Weller Community Director
Robert Ross Community Director
Chris Derose
Chris Derose Community Director

Executive Committee

Ivana Zuber
Ivana Zuber Executive Director, Treasurer
Adam Krellenstein
Adam Krellenstein Vice Chairman, Chief Scientist
Robby Dermody
Robby Dermody Chairman of the Board, General Counsel